Bill on legal recognition of gender identity to be discussed on Monday

The draft bill on the legal recognition of gender identity will be introduced at the parliament plenum on Monday (Oct. 9) at noon, with the debate lasting until Tuesday, when it will be voted on at 13:00, Parliament President Nikos Voutsis said on Friday, speaking to journalists.

Voutsis said he believed that the article of the bill allowing 15-year-olds to change their gender under conditions will be clarified and “possibly strengthened”.

“We will find ways to implement it and for everyone to agree,” he said. “We will have a very
interesting debate on a particularly serious issue for the modernization of legislation and society, around which strong arguments, objections and different views have been raised,” he added.

Asked about the Church’s criticism of the bill and whether it will affect the vote of some MPs, Voutsis said there will be time in parliament for all issues to be raised, adding that all lawmakers, political leaders and parties will have to decide responsibly on the bill.