Bill on prior actions approved in Parliament with 154 votes

The bill on the prior actions required to complete Greece’s third program review was approved in parliament on Monday evening with the 154 votes of SYRIZA, the Independent Greeks (ANEL) and independent lawmaker Theodora Megaloikonomou, who later announced she is joining SYRIZA.

The legislation was voted down in principle by all the parties of the opposition (141 votes). During the roll call vote on the article on family benefits, requested by main opposition party New Democracy (ND), the article on strikes, requested by the Communist Party and the articles on mediation, the wealth declaration for the executives of the Hellenic Financial Stability Fund and on the electronic foreclosure auctions, requested by the Democratic Coalition, the parties voted as follows:

-ND, the Democratic Coalition, Golden Dawn and Centrists Union voted “No” to all

-The Communist Party voted “No” on all except the article on family benefits to which it voted “Present”

-Potami voted “No” on everything except the article on strikes on which it voted “Present”

-Independent lawmaker Katerina Papakosta voted “No” on everything and “Present” on the family benefits article

-Independent lawmaker Haris Theoharis voted “No” on everything and “Yes” on the article on strikes

-Independent lawmaker Theodora Megaloikonomou voted “Yes” on everything

Two MPs from New Democracy, one from the Democratic Coalition, one from Potami and one from the Centrists Union were absent.