Binding offers for Thessaloniki port expected to be submitted by candidates in early March

Binding offers for the port of Thessaloniki are expected to be submitted by candidates in early March after receiving the final texts of an accession contract by the end of January.

The schedule on the exploitation of the Thessaloniki port was confirmed during a meeting on Wednesday between Shipping Minister Panagiotis Kouroumplis with representatives of Thessaloniki Port Organization board.

The ministry, in an announcement, said that the meeting focused on the process of the exploitation of the port.
Constantinos Mellios, chairman of Thessaloniki Port Organization, speaking to ANA said the meeting reaffirmed the preparedness of all parties to complete the contracts pending issues the soonest possible and to finalize a date for submitting binding offers. The contract texts are expected to be ready by the end of January with candidate investors have a room of four-five weeks to submit their binding offers, probably in early March.

According to sources, at last five out of eight candidate investors to buy 67 pct of Thessaloniki port remain active, among them international giant companies whose officials have repeatedly visited the port in 2016.