Bloomberg: The three main scenarios for the formation of a coalition government in Greece

With opinion polls and surveys in recent days showing that Sunday’s critical snap election will be close, the main question being asked is which parties will manage to form a coalition government, given the high improbability of a single-party government emerging.

In its analysis of Sunday’s electoral showdown, news agency Bloomberg has argued that there are three main scenarios to consider. The best case scenario involves the formation of a pro-European coalition led by either SYRIZA or New Democracy and joined by some of the more moderate parties.

The ‘bad’ scenario would be for a SYRIZA-led government to be formed without the support of the River or PASOK. In such a scenario SYRIZA would have to rely on the Independent Greeks – who may have trouble making it in Parliament. The worst case scenario though would be if the fragmentation in Parliament increases, meaning that four (or more) parties may be required to form a government