“Blue growth” will give huge boost to islands and coastal areas

The president of the Piraeus Chamber of Commerce, Giannis Voutsinas, referred to the dynamics that the “blue growth” can give to the island and coastal areas of the country, acting as a multiplier for the business activity and the social cohesion and the whole of our national economy. at the conference organized by the Chamber Development Group of the Greek Islands on “The contribution of the island economy from 1821 until today”, hosted by the Chamber and under the auspices of the University of Piraeus and the University of the Aegean.

According to an announcement, Mr. Voutsinas noted that in recent years at European and global level, the prevailing view is that a “turn” towards “green” and “blue” growth is required. And Greece geostrategically and geopolitically has enormous potential for such a shift in its economy.

Referring to the questions that arise for the implementation of an effective policy for island entrepreneurship, the President classified them as follows:
– Who plans the policy? With what data?
– Is politics the result of participatory processes?
– What actions make up this policy?
– Are the results of the proposed policy measurable? (quantitative and qualitative);
– What tools (institutional, financial, etc.) will be applied to implement this policy?
– Is there sufficient information for all stakeholders and residents of the application areas?
– What is the role of productive actors and entrepreneurship?

He added that if all these questions are not answered, then the policy of “blue growth” will end without substantial content, especially for the islands, which, although geographically close to the centers of decision-making, are essentially treated as receptors of the tourist current. on which they depend almost exclusively.

Finally, the President stressed: “The directly involved and interested parties, chambers, productive bodies, businessmen, scientists and employees can be a strong ally and arm in the efforts of the State for the full utilization of the blue wealth of our country.

The government clearly states its will for a new policy for island entrepreneurship and we as a chamber community clearly state that we want to participate in the formulation and implementation of this new policy, as we have the knowledge and the will to contribute to the local and national development.
What remains is to start a dialogue and to promote the participatory processes and so that under a new form of PPP, joint actions of the public and private sectors can be launched quickly with the aim of further developing and strengthening social cohesion in the island regions “.