BoG denies renewed claim of hacking into its systems as investigation continues

The Bank of Greece (BoG) denied a new claim that its systems had been hacked by the group Anonymous Greece, as the electronic squad continued its investigations.

Anonymous Greece first announced through Facebook on Sunday that they would post several files which they claimed were hacked and leaked from the BoG and Interior Ministry auction websites. BoG, however, quoting authorities, said the documents do not have any value because they are available on its website.

“The hacking claims are groundless,” BoG said, “All the so-called revelations of 1,217 documents that include administrative decisions, conference presentations and other facts are nothing more than data and information that are publishable and available to the public via BoG’s website.”

Meanwhile, on Tuesday night Anonymous Greece again said they published online documents that were products of hacking, while on Wednesday they threatened to bring down the bank’s electronic systems.
In a message on Tuesday night, the BoG said the documents published on Tuesday were public and accessible to all through the internet.

Police are awaiting the technical reports on the pages the Anonymous Greece claim were hacked, along with other relevant data, before presenting the findings to the prosecutor.