BoG governor Stournaras: Greek economy could grow by more than 2.0 pct this year

The Greek economy will grow even more than 2.0 pct this year, Yannis Stournaras, the Bank of Greece’s governor said on Thursday.

In a speech, the central banker expressed his optimism over the course of the economy and underlined that the next few months will be crucial for the improvement of the country’s credibility in order to return to capital markets in a sustainable way after the end of the memorandum in August.

Stournaras reiterated its was crucial to clear the terms of the country’s supervision after the completion of the programme, and whether or not there will be a precautionary credit line.

He defended the need for a precautionary credit line for the country which would contribute to the smooth funding of banks from capital markets, given the country’s low credit rating, particularly in case there was a deterioration in international market condition.

The central banker also said a full lifting of capital controls in the country would be necessary after the completion of the bailout programme in August.