Bogdanos should have been expelled already, Iliopoulos says

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis should have already expelled New Democracy MP Konstantinos Bogdanos from the party, said Nasos Iliopoulos, the spokesperson for main opposition SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance, in statements to both Skai television and the radio station ‘Sto Kokkino 105.5’ on Thursday.

“The fact that Mr. Mitsotakis has now not spoken for two days demonstrates his weakness and ND’s downward slide toward the far-right. And as long as the prime minister does not speak, he is seen to identify with Bogdanos,” Iliopoulos added.
He accused the MP of “overstepping all boundaries” and of “targeting infants of migrant descent that study at Greek schools” in what he described as “a far-right move”. The real question, Iliopoulos added, was whether parliamentary deputies, like other citizens, were answerable before the law.

SYRIZA’s spokesperson was referring to the furore over an article retweeted by Bogdanos, which included a list with the full names of preschool children attending an Athens kindergarten under the headline “Shocking list”, highlighting the fact that most of the names appeared to be non-Greek.

Iliopoulos also criticised the announcements made by the prime minister at the Thessaloniki International Fair (TIF), saying Mitsotakis was attempting to “buy” younger voters with free data and a “laughable” programme for the unemployed that boiled down to an extra 100 euros a month for six months. Equally “ridiculous”, according to Iliopoulos, were the size of the measures announced by Mitsotakis to offset the rise in the wholesale price of electricity, since the latter would exceed 1.5 billion euros while the former amounted to just 150 million euros, or nine euros per month for each household.

He said that SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras will ask for an increase of the minimum wage to 800 euros at TIF and put emphasis on support for the national health system, the recovery fund and labour issues. He also urged the government to modify the “dangerous 50 pct plus one protocol” for shutting down classes in schools where Covid is detected.