Bomb squad neutralizes explosive device left near police station in Dafni

An explosive device left at a park behind a police station in the suburb of Dafni was neutralized with a double controlled explosion by a bomb disposal unit on Saturday morning.

An unknown man called police in the early hours of the day and said an explosive device had been left at the park behind the police station and would explode in 40 minutes, noting it was not a prank call. According to sources, the caller said before hanging up that the device was planted “for Lambros”. On March 10, 2010, biologist and anarchist Lambros Foundas died after a clash with policemen in the area.

After the call, a bomb squad found the device, sealed off the area and neutralized it. It was comprised of a hand grenade, a timer, a detonator, a nine-volt battery and an explosive substance. The case is being investigated by the antiterrorism unit.