Britain wants the Greeks now living there to stay, Theresa May says

“Britain and Greece have had strong ties for many centuries,” British Prime Minister Theresa May said on Friday in an exclusive interview with the Greek newspaper “Ta Nea”, adding that her country “will examine a new chapter in its relations with Greece and other European countries as Britain redefines its relations with Europe.”

Asked about the message she is sending to the thousands of Greeks living in Britain, she said: “I want to thank the 70,000 Greek citizens who chose to make Britain their home. We appreciate their significant contribution to our culture and society, our universities and our economy. They should know that we want them to stay in Britain as well as all the other EU citizens.”

Referring to the close relationship between Britain and Greece, May said that the two countries have a strong commercial relationship as well as mutual support in times of conflict. “We are friends in NATO, partners and friends with extensive ties in tourism and education,” she said.

Regarding Brexit, she stated that “her country is leaving the EU, not Europe.”

On her vision for Brexit, she said: “My vision for Brexit is that of a strong, global Britain which has a deep and special partnership with the European Union.”