British national, 35, in critical condition after brawl in Zakynthos bar

A British national, 35, is in critical condition at the Attikon Hospital on the mainland, after being injured during a brawl with two fellow British tourists late on Thursday night in Laganas on Zakynthos island.

According to police sources, the man was attacked in a bar for unknown reasons. After exiting the bar, one of the two punched the victim, who fell and hit his head on the sidewalk, injuring himself seriously before the two left the scene.

The 35-year-old was first transferred to the General Hospital of Zakynthos and from there to a hospital in Athens with the assistance of the Air Force. The man, a father of two, was in Zakynthos with a group of friends to attend a friend’s wedding on Sunday.

A passerby who had videotaped the incident handed the evidence to the police of Zakynthos, which arrested the alleged perpetrators. They will appear before a prosecutor on the island on charges of grievous bodily harm by complicity.