Building materials’ prices up 0.3 pct in February

Building materials’ prices grew 0.3 pct in February this year, after several months of decline, reflecting higher diesel oil prices.

Hellenic Statistical Authority, in a monthly report, said the diesel oil prices grew 31.9 pct in the month, steel pipes rose 10.1 pct, iron pipes rose 5.4 pct, locks rose 1.1 pct, cement prices were up 0.9 pct, bricks rose 0.7 pct. On the other hand, wooden window prices fell 2.4 pct, tiles were down 2.2 pct, plastic pipes fell 1.7 pct, bath tabs fell 1.5 pct, interior doors were down 1.1 pct, aluminium doors fell 1.0 pct.

The building materials’ price composite index rose 0.3 pct in Febrary compared with the same month last year, after a 2.3 pct decline recorded in the 2016/2015 period. The index was up 0.1 pct in February from January 2017, after a 0.2 pct decline recorded last year.