Bundestag committee approves loan tranche disbursement to Greece

The German parliament’s Budget Committee approved the disbursement to Greece of the fourth loan tranche worth 6.7 billion euros, according to the German news agency DPA on Wednesday.

The tranche is part of the third loan memorandum totalling 86 billion euros to Greece, which was agreed upon in 2015.

Federal Finance Minister Olaf Scholz will convey the Bundestag’s approval to the European Stability Mechanism board of directors, where the eurozone countries are represented through their finance ministers, DPA said.

Earlier, German Finance Ministry spokesman Dennis Kolberg had confirmed to the Athens-Macedonian News Agency (ANA) the government’s stance to vote for the disbursement following a relevant recommendation by the most recent Eurogroup.

Kolberg had been asked by ANA to comment on a Handelsblatt report by the FDP deputy parliamentary head that his party would vote against the disbursement, allegedly because Greece is not fulfilling its obligation for reforms.