Business set ups/closures in Thessaloniki remained negative in 2017

As long as the balance of new set ups/closures of enterprises remained negative, the crisis will continue in the Thessaloniki market, Mihalis Zorpidis, president of the Professional Chamber of Thessaloniki said on Tuesday.

In an announcement, the Chamber said that a total of 2,408 enterprises set up in 2017, while 2,590 enterprises closed down during the year, with most set ups and closures covering personal companies (1,513 and 2,128 respectively). The Chamber said that new business set us in 2016 were 2,417 and business closures totaled 2,896 in the year.

“Unfortunately, the balance remains negative since March 2010, evidence of the crisis hitting our sector. It is an extremely big period of crisis,” Zorpidis said, adding: “Overtaxation and austerity have led small- and medium-sized businessmen to a very bad condition’.