Business Univ. in Athens briefly stops operation to highlight problem of drug addicts on campus

The Athens University of Economics and Business (EUA) will shut down operations for four hours on Wednesday to highlight awareness of the damaging presence of drug addicts on its premises.

In a resolution on Tuesday, the academic senate said all activities will be suspended in the main building on Patission Street between 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m, so that “the state and Greek society may hear the desperate call of academic community members about the situation at the institution.”
The EUA administration, the senate said, had appealed to state authorities about the dangers and difficulties of the situation but was not seeing indications a solution was being considered.

The daily presence of drug-dependent individuals on the university’s premises creates health and safety risks, discourages students from attending classes, and harms the institution’s prestige, the resolution said, making its continuing operation difficult to impossible.