Businesses and competition in Greece in the context of the digital single market conference

The American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce and the Hellenic Competition Commission are jointly organizing a conference “Businesses and competition in Greece in the context of the digital single market” at Grande Bretagne hotel.

The conference will examine the interaction between e-commerce and competition law within the EU digital single market and consider vertical restraints of competition in commercial distribution systems, including issues such as market places/bans on sales via third-party internet platforms in selective distribution systems.

The conference will also look at contractual sales restrictions in distribution agreements which may render cross-border shopping/online shopping more difficult, including geo-blocking, i.e. business practices whereby retailers and service providers prevent online shoppers from purchasing consumer goods because of the shopper’s location.

European Commission officials from the “Task Force Digital Singe Market” and the “Antitrust Policy Unit” will present the research on the electronic market and the rules for the distribution contracts.

The Competitiveness Committee will brief on the recent legislation and the trends in politics and the implementation of the rules of competitiveness while other speakers will present the challenges of the digital economy for the Greek enterprises and on compliance issues regarding the regulatory framework.