Cabinet meeting confirmed government’s ‘failure’, says SYRIZA’s Achtsioglou

The cabinet meeting held on Monday confirmed the government’s “failure,” said SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance MP responsible for financial issues and economy Effie Achtsioglou on Monday.

The reason for this, she noted, is the fact that it axed its own state budget down to 3.6 pct from a projected “growth” target of 4.8 pct for the year 2021, she underlined.

The supposed “recovery plan” for the national economy, she added, is only a repeat of numerous “myths and realities.”

Providing sufficient funds for the support of the country’s real economy is one such myth, she noted.

The real situation, she highlighted, includes a new bankruptcy law that will see many small to medium-sized businesses forced into closure, the loss of personal assets and primary residences, privatizations, and taxation measures that only benefit big businesses and high incomes, she added.

“The government continues to deny the write-off of personal debts, the substantial strengthening of liquidity, and the protection of jobs and labor relations,” she concluded.