Cabinet reshuffle – The unexpected new occupants of ministerial posts

The die is cast. The reshuffle is now a fact and it held surprises.

At first, an autonomous Ministry of Civil Protection was set up, with a surprise minister: Retired Admiral Evangelos Apostolakis.

Another surprise is the appointment of Thanasis Plevris as the Minister of Health and the appointment of the non-parliamentary pulmonologist, Minas Gaga, as the Deputy Minister of Health, in charge of Health Services.

The departure from the government of Michalis Chrysochoidis, who seems to have paid for the management of the fires and the return of a close associate of Prime Minister Takis Theodorikakou to the government is now a fact. Mr. Theodorikakos takes over as the new Minister of Citizen Protection.

Nikos Hardalias is moving to the Ministry of Defense, in the position of Deputy Minister. Haris Theocharis, erstwhile Minister of Tourism, was removed from the government, Vassilis Kikilias takes over.

The abolition of the post of Deputy Minister of Finance, in charge of the financial system, leaves Georgios Zavos out the government, as he failed to manage the issue of non-performing loans.

It is worth mentioning the ministerial appointment of ND Evia MP Simos Kedikoglou, who is taking over as Deputy Minister of Rural Development and Food.