Captain and company manager of explosives-carrying “Andromeda” surrenders to authorities

The captain of the Tanzania-flagged freighter “Andromeda”, which was seized with 410 tonnes of explosives off the coast of Crete, gave himself up at the port of Piraeus police on Tuesday night and will be led before the prosecutor on Wednesday.

A warrant was issued for his arrest on Monday night by the Piraeus judicial authorities. After some confusion about whether to appear at a court or the Attica police headquarters, the man showed up at the port of Piraeus police station, where the warrant for his arrest was sent.

The “Andromeda” was bound for Libya, breaching a EU ban on the sale or transportation of weapons and explosives to Libya. Following the discovery by authorities, the ship was led to the port of Iraklio and its eight crew members were detained.

The explosives were being transferred on Tuesday to the freighter “Kapetan Christos”, which will transport them to an army depot in Kavala.