Car-passenger ferry ‘Prevelis’ returns to Piraeus after leak detected in engine area

The car and passenger ferry “Prevelis” was ordered to return to Piraeus port shortly after it set sail on Friday, when the crew discovered it was slowly taking on water into the engine axles area. Authorities said the leak was “controlled” and posed no risk to the 127 passengers or 67 crew.

The leak was discovered while the ship was sailing near the Agios Georgios islet in the southern Saronic Gulf and the ship was ordered to turn around and return under its own power. Three coast guard vessels were sent to escort it as a precaution.

When it returns to Piraeus, the “Prevelis” will be forbidden to set sail again until the damage is repaired and the shipping line will make arrangements to get the passengers to their destinations. The ship set sail on Friday afternoon bound for Milos, Thira, Anafi, Iraklio, Sitia, Kassos, Karpathos, Diafani, Halki and Rhodes.