Car registrations up 11 pct in 2016

Car registrations grew 11 pct in 2016 despite a 19.8 pct decline in December, with new car sales recording a 4.2 pct increase last year, Hellenic Statistical Authority said on Tuesday.

The statistics service, in a monthly report, said that car registrations totaled 7,607 units in December (new and used ones), down 19.8 pct compared with the same month in 2015 (9,488), with new car registrations totaled 5,197 in December, down 30.3 pct compared with December 2015.

In the 12-month period from January to December, car registrations totaled 128,910 (new or used ones), up 11 pct compared with the previous 12-month period (116,168). New car registrations totaled 84,899 in 2016, up 4.2 pct from 2015.

Motorcycle registrations totaled 6,719 in December, up 101.7 pct compared with the same month in 2015. New car registrations totaled 6,622 in December, up 104.8 pct from 2015. In 2016, motorcycle registrations totaled 44,105 units, from 36,607 in 2015, an increase of 20.5 pct. New motorcycle registrations totaled 41,486 in the year, up 20.3 pct from the previous year.