Car registrations up 23.9 pct in March

Car registrations grew 23.9 pct in March this year totaling 19,024 vehicles (new or used ones), from 15,350 in the corresponding month last year, Hellenic Statistical Authority said on Friday.

The statistics service, in a monthly report, said that car registrations were up 43.5 pct in March 2017. New car registrations amounted to 11,741 in March this year, an increase of 17.4 pct compared with March 2017.

In the January-March period, car registrations totaled 51,246 (new and used ones), up 33.3 pct from the same period in 2017, with new car registrations totaling 28,709, up 25.3 pct over the same period.

Motorcycle registrations totaled 2,553 in March, from 2,600 in March last year, for a decline of 1.8 pct. New motorcycle registrations fell 1.8 pct to 2,288 in the month. In the first quarter, motorcycle registrations totaled 6,051, up 28 pct from March 2017, with new motorcycle registrations rising 30.5 pct to 5,406.