Car registrations up 29.3 pct in April

Car registrations grew 29.3 pct in April totaling 17,283 vehicles (new or used) from 13,367 in the same month last year, Hellenic Statistical Authority said on Thursday.

New car registrations totaled 11,078, up 24.1 pct from April 2017. In the January-April period, car registrations totaled 68,511, up 32.2 pct compared with the same period in 2017, with new car sales totaling 39,781, up 25 pct.

Motorcycle registrations grew 10.5 pct in April totaling 3,027 (new or used), with new motorcycle registrations totaling 2,709 (up 8.7 pct). In the January-April period, motorcycle sales totaled 9,106, up 21.9 pct from the same period in 2017, with new motorcycle sales totaling 8,139, an increase of 22.7 pct.