Car registrations up 43.1 pct in February

Car registrations jumped 43.1 pct in February to 10.006 vehicles (new and used ones), from 6.990 in the same month last year. Car registrations were down 17 pct in February 2016 compared with the same month in 2015. New car registrations totaled 5,763, up 60.3 pct from February 2016 (3,595). In the January-February period, car registrations totaled 23,102 vehicles (new and used ones), up 30.9 pct from the corresponding period in 2016. New cars totaled 12,909, up 31.1 pct.

Motorcycle registrations (new and used ones) totaled 1,066 in February, down 52.2 pct from the same month last year. New motorcycle registrations totaled 895 in February, down 56.7 pct from 2016. In the first two months of 2017, motorcycle registrations totaled 2,129, down 46 pct from 2016, while new motorcycle registrations totaled 1,810, down 50.2 pct over the same period.