Centaur Analytics attracts foreign investors

Centaur Analytics, a start up company based in Volos, has already established an international course after the company managed to attract as basic investors the Israeli fund OurCrowd First, a Greek fund and US investors, achieving its first goal to attract international capital.

The Greek company aims to bring a small revolution in the sector of logistics and management of wheat by monitoring “insects threatening products located in warehouses”. For this reason, Centaur Analytics, has manufactured special sensors “that breathe, taking gases from warehouses and analyzing their quality”. This innovative platform uses cloud computing, offering access to any personal computer, tablet, smartphone, covering all procedures until the product reaches a shelf.

“It wasn’t easy,” P.Sotiroudas, co-founded of the company told Praktoreio FM radio. “Usually, start ups are designed by younger people, we are already 20 years in the business,” he said adding: “I think when you have designed something good and you have the patience and the courage to go for it, you finally find the ears willing to hear”.