Centrists Union leader Leventis meets with German Ambassador Ploetner

Centrists Union party leader Vassilis Leventis met on Monday with the German Ambassador to Greece Jens Ploetner at his office in parliament.

According to a party announcement, the two officials discussed issues as the Prespes Agreement, the economy and the issue of the Church.

Leventis asked “FYROM to change its name without using the name Macedonia in order Greece to offer every support to FYROM” while referring to the economy he expressed his fear that Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is promising allowances and benefits to improve SYRIZA’s polls finds.

Finally, on the Church issue, Leventis said that “Greece is a Greek-Orthodox state and it is not possible a blind modernisation to divide the society”.

The German diplomat said he will convey to his government Centrists Union positions.