Chalkida to become the first smart city in Greece

Chalkida will become the first municipality in Greece to install pilot smart parking and smart lighting systems, supported by a single smart city platform, facilitating parking, decongesting traffic and reducing energy consumption in the city.

The pilot project will be implemented by OTE Group, Cisco, Kafkas and OTS.

The project envisages the installment, in a central point in Chalkida, special sensors of smart parking which -through a smartphone application developed by OTS- will inform drivers over free parking positions and how to get there. The application is expected to reduce parking times, currently estimated at 20 minutes on average, to decongesting traffic and reducing emissions in the city.

The installation of smart LED lights is expected to save more than 60 pct in energy consumption.
OTE will offer its cloud infrastructure to offer Cisco’s smart & connected digital platform services the municipality of Chalkida.

“It is with great joy that with the help of significant partners Chalkida becomes the first city in Greece to install smart parking and lighting systetms. Our priority is the safeguard living quality for our citizens and to protect the environment using innovative technologies. Our aim is Chalkida to become a model for “green” & “smart” city for the whole country,” Christos Pagonis, mayor of Chalkida said.

The project is expected to completed in early 2017.