Charges against former GenSec for Public Revenues Katerina Savvaidou dropped

An Appeals Justices’ Council on Thursday decided to drop all charges against the former general secretary for public revenues Katerina Savvaidou for attempted breach of trust, in spite of a public prosecutor’s recommendation that she stand trial, in a ruling issued on Thursday.

Greek appeals court prosecutor Maria Gane had on May 10 recommended that Savvaidou be indicted for actions that prevented Greek authorities from collecting a 78-million-euro fine from a company.
Gane said that Savvaidou be tried on criminal charges of attempted breach of trust, aggravated by provisions under the law for public-sector embezzlement.

The case concerns Savvaidou’s decision to order a re-examination of a 78-million-euro fine imposed on a company, even though this had already been ratified by a committee for the administrative resolution of tax differences. According to the prosecutor, Savvaidou’s decision essentially led to the fine being “frozen” indefinitely, since the review of the fine is still pending 2.5 years later.

The investigation was launched in response to an article published on the internet in August 2015 referred to Savvaidou’s involvement in ‘freezing’ the said fine, and other dealings by the same company.