Charges against six high-ranking freemasons filed with Supreme Court prosecutor

The accountant of the Freemasons’ Grand Lodge of Greece has accused six high-ranking members of the lodge of serious criminal offences in a suit filed with Supreme Court Chief Prosecutor Xeni Dimitriou on Sunday, including use of blackmail and intimidation to embroil him in an embezzlement scandal exceeding two million euros.

His suit is filed against the Grand Master from 2013 until the appointment of a temporary administration last July, the current Grand Master, the current Grand Treasurer and others serving until 2016 and 2017.

The accountant said that a scandal over a missing 350,000 euros broke out in 2013 and various attempts were made to cover this up, including misleading general meetings and ‘staged’ audits using certified accountants with family or other ties to the Grand Lodge’s leadership.

When these failed, the accountant claims that he was summoned to a Grand Lodge building on Acharnon Street, where two of the Lodge’s leadership and two lawyers, flanked by four goons, were waiting for him. He claims they asked him to confess to embezzling the 350,000 euros himself and threatened to “crush him and make him disappear” if he refused, telling him that he would never leave the building unless he signed a written confession.

The accountant has admitted to embezzling the sum of 350,000 euros and said he gave 200,000 euros from this sum to another employee in the Acharnes building that was a secretary of the Grand Lodge and close associate of a top-ranking freemason.

The accountant said that he relented, fearing for his life, and copied a ready-prepared document in his own hand saying that he had taken the money.

Authorities have his confession to taking the 350,000 in writing, while he has also claimed that he gave 200,000 euros to another employee of the Acharnon building, a woman who served as the lodge’s secretary and was a close associate of a high-ranking freemason.

He is now seeking police protection for himself and his family.