Charitsis accuses government over its stance on security

Main opposition SYRIZA spokesperson Alexis Charitsis, in an interview with “Sto Kokkino” radio station on Tuesday, accused the government of communications gimmicks on the issue of security.

“[The government] is trying to persuade the average citizen that it is cracking down on crime and at the same time employing tactics of harsh repression on young people,” he said.

“The days leading up to the anniversary of the Polytechnic uprising, we saw an increase in repression and authoritarianism. This strategy was defeated by the mass participation of tens of thousands of our fellow citizens in the anniversary events and in the peaceful protest march for the Polytechnic Uprising,” he said and added:

“New Democracy’s repressive tactics are not modernisation, but return us to periods of modern history that we believed we had left behind for good,” he added.

“The SYRIZA government has confronted organised crime and illegal trade with significant success, without these unacceptable images of arbitrary police actions,” he stated.