Charitsis: International banks show confidence in the Greek Economy

“The participation of HSBC in the second Trade Finance Facility Programme with a sum reaching 134 million euros shows the renewed confidence of large international banks in the positive prospects of the Greek economy,” Alternate Economy Minister Alexis Charitsis said on Wednesday.

In his address during the annual news conference held by the European Investment Bank, Charitsis said: “These positive prospects are confirmed by all macro-economic indexes -a steady growth in GDP, exports and industrial production, along with a decline in Greek bonds’ yields to 12-year lows”.

“Trade Finance Facility is the fruit of a very close cooperation we have developed with the European Investment Bank in the last three years. It is a programme designed to support the external trade of small- and medium-sized enterprises. It is part of a wider development plan we implement, promoting exports and improving the Greek economy’ extroversion. Thanks to this cooperation with EIB, a sum of 2.0 billion euros were distributed in the Greek economy in 2017 and we have scheduled a pipeline of projects worth 7.0 billion euros in the next three years,” Charitsis said.

“These funds completed critical infrastructure projects and several small and large projects around the country. Funds are also used to support research and innovation and startup enterprises through the new EquiFund we implement with the support of EIB,” the Greek minister said.

Charitsis said the government was ready to begin a series of programmes aimed to support enterprises, particularly SMEs and noted that the contribution of EIB helped Greece to quickly activate the Juncker Plan. “We have already contracted projects worth more than 1.7 billion euros from the Juncker Plan, attracting investments of around 5.7 billion euros,” he noted.