Checks to enforce pandemic curbs at all exits on 24-hour basis, police sources say

Roadside checks for compliance with Covid-19 restrictions are taking place on a 24-hour basis at all city exits ahead of Easter, police sources emphasised to the Athens-Macedonian News Agency (ANA) on Wednesday.

“These checks will continue at an undiminished rate throughout Holy Week, while all documents shown to police are cross-checked,” they said.

Checks are being carried out at the toll posts on national highways and motorway side roads, as well as on intercity buses and at ports, while all those lacking the necessary documents will not be permitted to travel to another region, the sources added.

The police have released figures showing that 13,633 vehicles were allowed to leave Athens through the Elefsina tolls on the Athens-Corinth highway in the last 24 hours, while 12,423 entered in the other direction. Fines for two violations were imposed and 170 vehicles were turned back.

On the Athens-Lamia highway, 17,567 vehicles went through the Afidnes tolls heading out of Athens and 16,651 returned, going toward the capital. Two vehicles were fined and 47 turned back.