Chinese and Russians lead Golden Visa program

Chinese and Russian citizens received the most residence permits through the Greek Golden Visa program, Stergios Pitsiorlas, Deputy Finance Minister said addressing an event organized by Enterprise Greece and the Investment Migration Council.

Pitsiorlas said the government has based a lot on the Golden Visa program, offering residence permits to third country citizens who buy property assets worth more than 250,000 in Greece, in its effort to boost the country’s growth prospects.

Enterprise Greece said that according to data collected by April 30, 2017, a total of 1,684 visas have been offered to third country citizens, of which 701 were Chinese, 357 Russians, 84 Egyptians, 81 Turks, 78 from Lebanon, 79 from Ukraine, 53 from Iraq, 45 from Syria, 37 from Jordan and 16 from Saudi Arabia.

In his address, Pitsiorlas said European governments should also see the humanitarian and political aspect of the issue first and then the economic aspect of it. It offers a big growth prospect both for Greece and other European countries. The Golden Visa program is an initiative constantly improved by the Greek state, offering flexibility”.