Chinese diplomatic sources said they are very pleased with the results of PM Tsipras’ official visit to Beijing

Chinese diplomatic sources said they are very pleased with the results of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’ official visit to Beijing, Greek government sources said on Tuesday.

“The agreement on Piraeus port is the ‘head of the dragon’ in the Sino-Greek cooperation,” the sources said, noting that this deal will lead to a wider cooperation in various sectors and will establish Greece as an important station in Beijing’s strategy for “One zone, one road”.

“China now considers Greece as its strategic partner in the European Union and hopes to see Athens as the ‘head of the dragon’ in the framework of Sino-EU cooperation,” the sources added.

The reference to a “head of the dragon” relates to a Chinese proverb which states that to move the dragon, you must first move its head.

Meanwhile, chinese leader Li Keqiang gave Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras a bicycle as a gift on Tuesday. The present had symbolic value with Keqiang stating that bilateral relations are like a two-wheeled vehicle. “Our relations with China are like a bicycle,” said Tsipras during his official visit to China. “One wheel is economic cooperation and the other, cooperation in culture and education. We are the cyclists who will develop our two countries.


The next leg of the Greek leader’s visit will take him to Shanghai where he will meet with the heads of online retail giant Alibaba, COSCO, research and development center ZTE and investment firm Fosun. Tsipras will meet with the Mayor of Shanghai, Yang Xiong.

Following China, Tsipras will return to Greece.