Chios court again throws out petition to block expansion of VIAL migrant hotspot

A Chios first-instance court on Thursday rejected a second attempt by the Chios municipality to block the expansion of the VIAL hotspot through the addition of new container huts. The municipality had filed a second petition on Tuesday, as soon as a Chios lower first-instance court issued a first ruling rejecting the municipality’s case.

The second petition asked the court to intervene on the grounds that there was an emergency situation and a threat to the security of the area – as well as the hotspot itself – through the planned increase in the VIAL camp’s capacity and the installation of new huts.

The court found that neither the municipality nor the island of Chios was harmed by the installation of huts at the camp while the claim about increasing the camp’s capacity did not concern the current situation but a possible future situation.

The ruling allows the migration policy ministry to continue installing the container huts in the hotspot without legal obstacles, though work had been suspended earlier on Thursday after a local land owner complained that trucks transporting the huts were illegally trespassing on his property.