Chr. Gortsos: The banking system to become a growth tool

Christos Gortsos, the out-going secretary general of Hellenic Bank Association, expressed his wish that the Greek banking system -which was not the cause of the economic crisis in Greece, but suffered (among several other sectors of the economy and society) the negative consequences of the crisis- to manage to successfully exit the current adverse situation the soonest possible and to be able to fulfill its main goal, a growth tool for the Greek economy.

Professor Gortsos, in a written statement said: “In March 1, 2017, I will leave Hellenic Bank Association after 26 years of continuous cooperation, with the last 17 years acting as secretary general. The reason for my departure is exclusive related with the burden of my academic work both in Greece and abroad, with which I will be fully occupied.

I want to express my warmest thanks to the managements of banks that honored me with their trust all these years and to the capable bank executives with whom I cooperated and co-formed the positions of the Greek banking system, as expressed in the Association’s statute.

I would also like to thank my precious colleagues in the general secretariat, whose contribution was decisive for the quality of the work made during by tenure.

Also, I wish to my successor, professor Charoula Apalagaki, to excel in her new position, following the example of my predecessors and continuing her already established work”.