Chrisochoidis: This Christmas must be a time of empathy, resignation and solidarity

“Now in December we must make an effort and avoid celebrating together as we used to do….Our struggle is also spiritual because it calls for empathy, resignation and solidarity,” stated Citizen Protection Minister Michalis Chrisochoidis in statements made in the central Greek city of Volos on Wednesday. Chrisochoidis was speaking after a meeting held at the Volos Town Hall ahead of the celebration of St. Nicholas, the city’s patron saint and the Christmas holidays.

“We must move with caution and observe all the precautionary measures until we have a vaccination and our lives can reopen and we can again become normal people,” Chrisochoidis said.

The regional governor of Thessaly, Costas Agorastos, noted that the measures are already bearing fruit in the region of Magnesia, with the transmission rate dropping to 0.62 in all Thessaly and already leading to a reduction of the pressure on the region’s hospitals, but also that they must continue.

Chrisochoidis also visited the Metropolitan of Dimitriada Ignatios and discussed the measures against the pandemic, namely holding church services behind closed doors on St Nicholas day and over Christmas.