Cisco’s Marketing and Communications Manager Prassaki: Investments focused on digital transformation

The International Center for Digital Transformation and Digital Skills in Thessaloniki officially started operating in July 2020 and has three unique characteristics in the way it is organized and operates:

a) it brings together workshops made up of researchers, Universities, startups and Cisco partners to solve problems or develop new services based on innovative solutions
b) it combines technology, education and culture
c) is open to all.

Many institutions have shown an interest in the Center (ministries, regions, private companies, etc.), also municipalities from Greece and Balkan countries, while during the Covid-19 restriction timeframe, Cisco Networking Academy courses and Robotics training have been taking place.

The Center has been delivering results and will continue to operate as a testing and development space for innovative technological solutions that are able to digitally transform the way organizations, agencies and companies operate, but also as a demonstration space for these digital transformation solutions. It is an open hub open to all, for hosting ideas, initiatives and group or individual events.

Following the creation of the Center for Digital Transformation and Digital Skills in Thessaloniki, Cisco in collaboration with ONEX Neorion Shipyards recently announced the creation of the International Center for Marine Technology & Innovation on the island of Syros.

Given the knowhow, experience and leadership of Greece in the Shipping industry and realizing that digital transformation in the shipping sector has been lagging, the aim of the Center is to operate as a hub for maritime innovation, with technology development plans that will make the difference in the future of companies in the shipping industry.