Citizen Protection Minister Chrisochoidis: Unnecessary violence is not justified

“Unnecessary violence is not justified, and on this we are absolute,” Citizen Protection Michalis Chrisochoidis said on Monday regarding the recent incident involving the police in Nea Smyrni, after his meeting with the Deputy Minister of Macedonia and Thrace, Stavros Kalafatis.

He said that the investigation will be completed soon, in order to reveal and attribute any disciplinary and criminal responsibility, while he rejected as “ridiculous” the complaints of main opposition SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance and opposition MERA 25 that democracy was “endangered” by such behaviour, saying that democracy had been endangered during their governance of the country.

Chrisochoidis announced that, on the second day of April, the first protection teams will be placed in some universities by existing forces of the Greek Police, until the recruitment and training of new police officers is completed in the autumn, as provided by the recently passed law.