Citizens with serious underlying health issues to be inoculated next

Age is the defining factor in prioritizing citizens’ coronavirus vaccinations, said Head of the National Vaccination Committee, Maria Theodoridou, at the regular live briefing held on Monday.
Of the people who have so far lost their lives to Covid-19, 9 in 10 were aged over 60, and so were 8 in 10 who were treated in intensive care units, she added.

However, inoculation of high-risk groups of citizens, who suffer from serious underlying conditions, will begin immediately, she added, regardless of their age.

Patients who have undergone a transplant, those who undergo kidney dialysis, cystic fibrosis patients, and cancer patients, among others, will be prioritized in high-risk groups. These will be followed by patients with liver-related conditions and cardiological patients.

Details concerning the precise health conditions that will define who qualifies will be published by the Health Ministry in coming days.

Theodoridou also noted that the coronavirus vaccine by Moderna is now also available in Greece. It does not require extreme-cold storage and its two doses can be administered 4 weeks apart.

Two major vaccination centers opened Monday

Speaking also at the briefing, Health Ministry Secretary General for Primary Health Care Marios Themistokleous said that some 25,000 citizens were inoculated nationwide on Monday, despite adverse weather conditions. He said that more than 9 in 10 kept up with their booked appointments, braving the low temperatures, wind, and snowy weather. Anyone who missed their Monday appointment will have to reschedule for a new date, he added.

Some 1,400 people were given their vaccination in Athens on Monday, and another 600 in Thessaloniki, he revealed. Two large vaccination centers were also launched on Monday, one at the HELEXPO facility in Athens and another at the Thessaloniki International Fair center, Themistokleous highlighted. These two stations alone can perform up to 5,500 vaccinations daily when fully opened.

He said that appointments so far totalled 235,000 for those aged 60-64, while another 150,000 were booked by 75-79 year olds.

Greece has now surpassed 550,000 vaccinations, he underlined.