City of Thessaloniki sends trade mission to Doha

The City of Thessaloniki is making its first large step towards Asia by sending a team of business people to visit Doha on Tuesday.

Headed by mayor Yannnis Boutaris, it is the municipality’s first trade mission for 2018 and will aim at promoting Thessaloniki’s businesses, hotels and restaurants.

“It is an important step and opening towards the Asia market and generally growing tourism markets. We have scheduled a number of professionnal meetings, we are promoting new collaborations and an exchange of culture. We want to open up the city to the Asian market to attract investments,” Spyros Pengas, deputy mayor in charge of tourism and international relations, told radio station ANA’s Praktorio 104.9 FM.

Talks with Qatar Airways started four years ago, he added, referring to the flight between Thessaloniki and Doha that started this year.