Civil Protection Body bans entrance to Vrisa village after earthquake

The Coordinating Civil Protection Body set up to tackle the effects of the earthquake that struck Lesvos on Monday announced on Wednesday it is banning entrance to the village of Vrisa due to safety concerns, following the collapse of numerous houses.

The body said only crews recording damages and competent officials in charge of aid and security will be allowed entrance.

Residents who want to enter will have to do so at specific times during the day, register their name with authorities and be accompanied by a policeman, a fire fighter, a civil engineer of a rescue crew member.

The announcement will be posted on prominent areas leading to Vrisa, in hospitality centers and villages.

Also, the University of the Aegean on Wednesday announced that it was suspending all operations in two of its buildings pending a thorough inspection.

An initial survey of the university’s buildings in Mytilene, on the island of Lesvos, showed that the “Hatzigiannio” building was in close proximity to another building that had suffered serious damage in the quake and could pose dangers to those accessing the university building.

The university’s premises on Karantoni Street, meanwhile, had extensive damage, including cracks on the external walls and the arch above the main entrance, cracks in the arches above upper-storey windows, the back door and several upper-floor doorways. There were also cracks in the interior walls, including some supporting walls, in corners and places where walls were cracked on both sides.