Civil servants’ union confederation ADEDY declares 24h strike on December 14

The civil servants’ union confederation ADEDY on Thursday announced a 24-hour strike on 14 December and a rally in Klafthmonos square in Athens at 11:00 the same day.

“This strike has already taken on nationwide characteristics with the participation of workers from the private and the public sector,” ADEDY’s announcement said.

“As workers in the public sector we demand: the abolition of Katrougalos’ law on the pensions; the abolition of Gerovassili’s regulation on the evaluation and salaries and pensions with dignity; the hiring of permanent staff in the sectors of education, health, social security funds, municipalities; not a single auction of the primary residence of employees unable to pay; and no more tax raids or looting of our income.

“No change in the unions’ law, we will defend our right to strike that was won through struggles and sacrifices,” the ADEDY statement concluded.