Clashes between Panathinakos supporters and police around and inside Apostolos Nikolaidis Stadium

Saturday’s “Derby of the Eternal Enemies” was doomed before kick off.

The Greek Superleague’s fixture between Panathinaikos F.C. and Olympiacos F.C., Greece’s most fierce athletic rivalry, was marred by clashes between Panathinakos supporters and riot police, around as well as inside Panathinaikos’s Apostolos Nikolaidis Stadium, which ultimately led to the game being postponed.

A flare thrown by Panathinaikos’s supportes hit Olympiacos player Alfred Finnbogason while he was warming up. Finnbogason was not injured, but the match officials decided over two hours after the incident that the game should be postponed.

While the officials were deliberating on their decision, riot police fought with Panathinaikos supporters inside the stadium, reports.

Following the announcement that the game would be cancelled, a group of Panathinaikos supporters moved from the stands onto the field, while others through flares on the field, where riot police had been positioned.

Earlier in the afternoon, before the teams had even taken the field to warm up, supporters clashed with riot police, to whom they reportedly threw rocks and flares.

As of right now the stadium has been emptied but clashes between Panathinaikos’s organized supporters and riot police continue.