Clashes in the hotspot of Chios and Samos

Clashes in the hotspot of Chios and Samos were reported late Wednesday.

The migrants protested against their long stay on the Greek islands.

The turmoil started in Souda hotspot on Chios at approximately 3 am when young migrants and refugees blocked the road with dustbins and afterwards they set fire. Three containers, housing the medical office, the pharmaceuticals warehouse and the food distribution, were destroyed. Order was restored after the intervention of riot police and coast guard.

On Samos, migrants rallied on the streets asking for dry clothes because, as they claimed, the rain washed away their tents and the water destroyed their belongings. The protest ended after the police intervention.
According to local broadcaster ERT local station, representatives of Samos local authorities stated that “those of the representatives of non-governmental organisations or UNCHR want to activate within the hotspot should show their sensitivity in the difficult times and support and offer their assistance.”