Co-pilot of Turkish helicopter to be released but with strict restrictions

One of the eight Turkish military servicemen that fled to Greece after the failed coup in Turkey, the co-pilot of the helicopter that landed at Alexandroupolis airport on the day after the attempted coup, is to be released from custody but with strict restrictions. The decision was made by the Council of State on Thursday, which cited reasons of public interest.

In its decision, the Council of State partially accepted a request by former migration policy minister Yiannis Mouzalas that the court revoke the asylum granted to the Turkish pilot by the 3rd Independent Authority for Refugees (so that consequently he would not be released). The decision for asylum is not suspended in its entirety but only partially, while the court ordered that he continue to be closely supervised.

The asylum granted to the Turkish serviceman had earlier been temporarily revoked by an appeals court justice, following a request filed by Mouzalas.

Moreover, the Greek government has also filed a request for the cancellation of the decision to grant him asylum, which will be discussed by the CoS plenary on May 4.