Coast guard intercepts speedboat carrying 1.6 tonnes cannabis

Greece’s coast guard on Sunday announced the dismantling of a large crime organisation smuggling large quantities of drugs into Greece and other countries from Albania using speedboats. In a sensational police operation that began on Friday, when the speedboat was seen approaching the Albanian shore, the coast guard seized 1.6 tonnes of cannabis and arrested a total of 10 suspects.

The craft was intercepted when it entered Greek territorial waters and a chase ensued, in which there was also an exchange of fire between the suspects and the coast guard. During the evasive manoeuvres, once coast guard officers fell into the water and were slightly injured.

The chase continued until late on Saturday, when the speedboat was brought to a stop between Makronissos and Kea following shots fired by snipers in the underwater missions unit, on board a coast guard helicopter.

There were two Albanian nationals and one Italian national on board the speedboat, who were placed under arrest, along with the drugs seized by police. One of the three suspects was taken to Evangelismos Hospital in Athens as a precaution.