Commission positive on Greek National Plan for Energy and Climate, Stathakis says

The European Commission has assessed a Greek National Plan for Energy and Climate positively, recognising the positive steps taken by the country and confirming the efficiency of policies implemented by the Greek government, Environment and Energy Minister George Stathakis said on Thursday.

“From the very first, we were at the forefront of a global battle to deal with climate change, supporting the adoption of ambitious environmental targets by the EU,” Stathakis said. “The prospect of a Europe with a neutral carbon balance by 2050 can become a reality with joint action and faithful adoption of all measures necessary to deal the greatest challenge of our era,” he added.

The Commission’s assessment said that a Greek National Plan for Energy and Climate has a well-developed strategy, covering the biggest part of significant sectors and offering a detailed presentation of targets, policies and measures, the Environment and Energy ministry said in an announcement.

It added that a target for reducing emissions would be exceeded by 9.0 pct by 2030 or by 13 pct if additional measures were taken. In the energy-saving sector, the Commission recommends that Greek adopted a higher target, while it noted that the Greek Plan was the only one to set targets for dealing with energy poverty. The EU’s executive said that a target for renewable energy sources was “adequately ambitious”, adding that “an holistic policy framework developed by Greece is a good practice.”