Commission proposes 2.7 billion-euro support to Greece for repercussions from coronavirus

The European Commission on Monday proposed a 2.7 billion euro financial support to Greece in the framework of SURE program to address the social and economic repercussions from the coronavirus.

Specifically, the Commission submitted proposals to the Council to issue decisions aiming at providing 81.4 billion euro support to the 15 state members in the framework of SURE program. This tool constitutes a determinant factor of EU’s total strategy for the protection of the citizens and for the mitigation of the extremely negative social and economic repercussions of the pandemic. It is one of the safety nets agreed at the EU Summit for the protection of the employees, the enterprises and the countries.

As soon as the Council approves the specific proposals, the financial support will be disbursed in the form of loans on favourable conditions by the EU to the state members. These loans will assist the state members to meet, in case of sudden increase of the state expenses, the needs to support employment.