Commission VP Schinas: Hard for any country to reject EU recovery proposal

The European Commission’s proposal of a 750-bln-euro recovery package reflects Europe’s ability to overcome its limitations during times of crisis and mobilize unprecedented means never before available, European Commission Vice President Margaritis Schinas said on Wednesday.

In an interview on Skai TV, Schinas said what was impressive was not the magnitude of the proposed amount, but “the fact that it’s the first time that every member state jointly assumes a burden in order to help those most in need.” It will be very difficult for a government or parliament to bear the cost of rejecting this proposal, at such historical moments, he asserted.

The proposal allocates 33.4 bln euros to Greece, which for Greece amounts to another NSRF package, Schinas asserted. The recovery funds along with the regular NSRF for the next seven years “will double the amount Greece has available for the next seven years, compared to the past.” The particular allocaton to Greece, he said, recognizes the role of the country as a factor of stability in a very difficult neighborhood.